Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day of School :-)

Well yesterday my boys had their first day of school. Joseph in 3rd grade and Samuel in 1st. I love hearing about their day and what they are most excited about. Joseph LOVES science and he was so excited that they will be having science textbooks this year :-) Samuel was excited to no longer be a kindergartner and to be able to do more "big kid" stuff at school.

They grow up so fast. As I'm looking at pictures of all my friends children on their first days I see and read how their "babies" are starting high school or college and it makes me really stop and savor these moments with my little ones.


1st Grade

2nd Grade and Kindergarten

3rd Grade and 1st Grade

Going to start with this year taking a pic of all 4 of them first day of school to see change in growth :-)
Anna wasn't so thrilled! :-)

                                   Praying that all the kiddos have a great school year!!!

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