Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Favorite time of the Year!

Each year when it comes to Spring I think it's my favorite season.. until Fall. So I will say they are equally my favorite "times" of the year. Spring has something especially special though.... BASEBALL/SOFTBALL!

I'm sure I've blogged about it before and probably will every year with updated pics of my kids (should they continue wanting to play) playing one of my favorite sports.

You see one of my earliest memories of playing softball I must have been 5 years old and my dad walked me down to the park where my practice was supposed to be and no one was there. I remember going home crying so disappointed that there was no practice. Even before I had ever played I knew I would love it. I played every summer from the time of 5 years of age until college when I did intramural slow pitch softball, after Mike and I were married we played in the church league for several years, and then even 2 years ago I played on a women's softball league here in Indiana for a summer. I was a catcher from t-ball through high school and so I'm hoping at least one my kids will follow in my footsteps :-)  I also follow Cardinals baseball. I must admit I don't keep up on them like I used too but I still love them and get into any game I am able to sit and watch.

That is me at I'm not sure what age. I'm guessing 7 or 8 :-)

So it makes me smile when my children show an interest in something I love so much. Each year I ask my kids as a sports registration form comes home from school if they would like to play. Joseph almost always says no and Samuel almost always says yes no matter the sport, so I was pleasantly surprised when this year Joseph said he would like to play baseball with Samuel. They are both on what is called "rookie" league here which they hit off of a pitching machine.

Joe and Sam before their first game :-)

This past Friday night was their first game. Due to Anna and Jonathan being sick I had to miss it but Mike went and took pictures for me. Joseph actually volunteered to catch!! I was so surprised because it just wasn't something I thought he would want to do. When he got home he came to me with a huge smile on his face and said "mom! I was a catcher... and I got hit in the leg and the arm!" I laughed and then he told me "The coach gave me the game ball for being so brave".... I told him I was proud of him for trying and even when hurt he tried again, until the 2nd injury then the coach had mercy on him and pulled him out and let another child try.

collage of highlights from their first game

Sick Jonathan supporting his brothers from home :-)

I don't know if any of my kids will be into this sport as they grow and I will be ok with that. I just want them to find their passion in life. Something that they will want to do and stick with it no matter what.

Looking forward to going to their next game! :-)

Friday, April 12, 2013

My Jonathan is 4!!

Each year when it's one of my children's birthday... it amazes me how much they have changed... grown.... but especially with Jonathan. You see my little Jonathan has had a rough couple of years. During his first year of life he had 8 ear infections and with us moving when he was 10 months old to a different state he did not see a ENT doc until he was 1.

They decided to do tubes in his ears to help him, but when we went to his 3 year checkup the Pediatrician told us that even with the tubes in his ears they still had a ton of fluid due to allergies and so he put him on allergy medicine.

The end of last year I took him in for an ear infection :-( They said his tubes were just laying there and no longer working. I took him back to the ENT and they scheduled in December to have his adenoids taken out and new tubes put in. Poor kid had a hearing test and it was very bad. We already knew he was severely speech delayed due to all the ear problems and it just broke my heart. They told us that basically, for most of the first 3 years of his life he had been hearing us as if he were underwater. :-(

After the surgery he has been improving soooo much. Each day I hear him saying new words and understanding more and more. I just met with the school staff a few days ago and got him started on an IEP so that we can get him any services he may need to continue to help him catch up with the rest of the kids his age.

He is such a huge blessing to our lives and I'm so thankful God decided to give me Jonathan as a son. His smile lights up our lives each day, his energy keeps us going, and his sweet spirit and heart makes us so proud and blessed.

Happy Birthday Jonathan!  We love you very very much!

Took this morning :-)