Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day of School :-)

Well yesterday my boys had their first day of school. Joseph in 3rd grade and Samuel in 1st. I love hearing about their day and what they are most excited about. Joseph LOVES science and he was so excited that they will be having science textbooks this year :-) Samuel was excited to no longer be a kindergartner and to be able to do more "big kid" stuff at school.

They grow up so fast. As I'm looking at pictures of all my friends children on their first days I see and read how their "babies" are starting high school or college and it makes me really stop and savor these moments with my little ones.


1st Grade

2nd Grade and Kindergarten

3rd Grade and 1st Grade

Going to start with this year taking a pic of all 4 of them first day of school to see change in growth :-)
Anna wasn't so thrilled! :-)

                                   Praying that all the kiddos have a great school year!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Highlights of Summer 2013

I have been wanting to write this post for a while but I knew once I wrote it, it would really feel like the summer is ending and I wasn't quite ready for that yet, but if I don't do it now it will be time to be posting back to school pictures.. so here it goes :-)

These are pictures of my highlights of this summer. It was a really great summer and we got to do a lot of stuff with the kids and had a great visit with my stepson as well.

Joseph and Samuel before their first baseball game :-)

Jonathan's first firework experience

While visiting grandparents Anna had her first gator ride

A shot of all 5 kids :-) Love this picture!

Got to stay at a hotel one night in Ft. Wayne

Went to Science Central in Ft. Wayne, IN and had a blast!

We went to the Children's zoo in Ft. wayne as well, the picture on the far left was a skyride that took you above the zoo.

The boys all went on a camping trip :-)

Sammy pushing anna around the neighberhood

Perfect summer day
We also went to some movies and Mike took all the boys each out seperately for a special day with dad. He took them all to an air force museum and they all had alot of fun. We went swimming and just enjoyed the cooler weather this summer by playing outside. I am sad to see that school is about to start again, but thankful for the memories we created this summer and looking forward to a new school year and all the wonderful things that come with that as well. I hope everyone else has had a blessed summer like we have had!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Samuel is 7 and Joseph is 9!

The summer is speeding along and I realized I didn't post for samuels birthday so I will do a joint post. :-)

On June 22nd samuel turned 7! He will be starting the 1st grade and I just can't believe how fast he is growing up. He is so kind hearted and sensitive, loves to rough house with his dad and brothers and absolutely adores his little sister. His personality always has us smiling. He has my sensitivity, love of being silly to make others laugh, and mikes rambuctioness, energy and love of sports. He blesses our life every day. He loves to be outside and wants to try every sport available to him. He is the one more likely to try something scary or challenging. We had an outdoor party for him and he loved it. We were blessed with great weather and had an awesome time.

On July 26th Joseph turned 9! He will be starting 3rd grade. He is the most like me when it comes to behavior. He loves to be inside when its hot, hates to run, loves the challenge of a good video game, and is sensitive. He is like mike in his love for comic book stories, superheros and zelda :-). He is such a blessing and its hard for me to see my first baby growing up so much. He loves science and learning about animals, stars and nature.  We had an outdoor party for him as well and once again we were blessed with awesome weather and just a great night!

It's still hard for me to see these 2 guys getting so big. I still remember when they were my little guys.

But that's the life of a mother! I am so blessed! :-)