Friday, October 4, 2013

10 Years! WOW!

Today marks 10 years of marriage for my husband Mike and I. I remember the day he proposed... 2 years of dating (I was impatiently waiting for this moment) and then 6 months later we were married.

Mike and I actually grew up in the same town and even went to the same youth group for a while but him being 5 years older than me we never really got to know each other very well. We reconnected after I graduated high school and we were inseparable from the first date. We found out through our dating that my older sisters had actually given him rides home from school when he was in high school and that we grew up in the same subdivision. SMALL WORLD. :-)

 I remember him walking in with a walmart bag (I found it later it was to disguise the Shane Co ring I was bout to receive) and going past me as I was sitting on the couch at his house. He came back after a few minutes and told me to close my eyes. I stood up and when he told me to open them he was on one knee with my ring box open and he asked me simply "Will you marry me" and I of course said yes!!! Then I proceeded to call my family and tell them the good news :-)

Aug 2001 a few months after we began dating

Our dating years brought lots of changes into my life. For starters with him being previously married I got to welcome a wonderful young man into my life. Michael Craig III. He was 3 and 1/2 when I started dating Mike and I had always loved children and it was a joy getting to know him and spend time with him.

I was sure I wanted to marry mike from the very beginning but he was patient and took his time... :-) I'm thankful for that now. Those 2 years of dating gave us a lot of time to get to know each other  and for Michael to get to know me.

One of my favorite pictures of mike and I

Our wedding day was PERFECT. Oct 4, 2003. It was a sunny gorgeous day outside and the ceremony went off without a hitch. Our reception was so much fun and it was so nice getting to spend such a wonderful day with all of our friends and family.

Through our 10 years of marriage we have had a lot of ups and downs but we are making it through! God has blessed us in that commitment and we both have grown and changed and I can honestly say I look forward to the next 10 years with him.

My 2nd favorite picture of Mike and I

We have been blessed with 4 additional children since our wedding day. With children come challenges and it definitely reconnects you as husband and wife when you are co-parenting if you allow it too.

Mike has grown as a man of God in the 10 years we have been married and he aims to lead our household to serve God and make God our #1 priority and for that I am so thankful. He is an incredible father to our children and sacrifices for them all. He loves to play with them, wrestle with the boys and he also makes time to sit with Anna and play with princesses as well :-) He makes sure I have "girls night out" when needed, and he helps me with the stuff around the house even after he has worked a 10 hour day. I'm so blessed that God brought us together and am thankful for every day I have with him.

Mike... I love you very much. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY sweetie!!!

Mike and I Oct 2013