Monday, March 24, 2014

Anna turned 2 and why I'm going to blog even if no one reads it :-)

 I know that I have always worried too much about other people's view of me. I have since I was in junior high and maybe before then although I don't remember. In fact if I'm perfectly honest I have sometimes used Facebook and blogging as a way to validate me. I've used it to try and make me feel special and make me feel like I mattered. I have battled insecurity for a long time but I am slowly learning that it only matters how God sees me and that I don't need to compare myself with others. In this world of social media it's so easy to see everyone else's life and their accomplishments, their children's achievements, everything that might make you feel your life is less than what it should be.

I started thinking social media was the problem, or other people and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I need to change how I think. How I think about myself. I can't control why other people do or say what they do but I can control how I choose to think about myself and how I choose to respond. I have heard that said a hundred times but sometimes you have to wait until you are ready to really listen and understand and then do it.

Blogging was one of those things that used to bother me. I love blogging but I started to think no one was reading or that I wasn't writing eloquently enough. I started comparing myself to others who blog and thought what I had to say wasn't important but then I realized if I love it I can do it for me even if no one else reads it. :-) Someday I will have a journal, an online recording of my life, moments where I have learned a life lesson, remembered something special. So I am going to blog. Even if no one ever reads it :-)

The first significant thing that happened this year is that my little and only girl turned 2!

She is getting so big and we are so thankful to have her smiling face in our lives!

We also had our yearly Awana Grand Prix last week at our church. My 3rd grader got 2nd place and all 3 boys had a blast!

Joseph received 2nd place

Samuel with his American Flag Car

Jonathan with his Hot Wheels Batman car :-)

We also had a visit from Grandpa and Grandma and Brother Michael from Missouri. We love it when we have family visit because we miss them sooo much!

Until next time :-) Have a blessed week!